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Brandon Reed


Ron Bush

Since Lil Ron Ron's debut in 2016, Ronald Bush, 28, best known as Ronboitv, proved he's one of today's funniest comedy web series writer and voiceover actors on social media. The co-creator of Lil Ron Ron's comedic sensibility and funny catchphrases have caught the attention of some celebrities, including Steve Harvey and Kandi Buruss to name a few.

The comedy writer and aspiring sketch comic hails from Mobile, Alabama. "I enjoy making people laugh," said Ronboitv. When he is not writing funny punchlines for Lil Ron Ron, he’s spending quality time with his adorable two-year-old son, LaRon Bush.


Brandon Reed, 25, also known as Cartoon Connect, is one of social media's most sought-after animators with 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. A native of South Bend, Indiana, Cartoon Connect is responsible for bringing Lil Ron Ron and his entire family and host of other characters to life through his amazing artistry.

"When I animate, I try to bring parts of my own experience and talent into creating these images," said Cartoon Connect. In his spare time, he enjoys developing new characters, customizing sneakers, painting murals, cartoons, animated strips and more. His most important role is being a doting father to three beautiful children Aniyah 5, Kendrick 3, and Tristan 7 months.

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